Play or download recorded calls

How to play or download recorded calls 

If you have subscribed to the system's call recording module, you can play or download conversations in Windows Media Player or iTunes instantly.

NOTE: Call recording has to be activated on the campaign for calls to be recorded. Listen to and download recordings is a feature permission. Remember to activate it for the roles and users who need them.


  1.  Find the lead in Lead admin
  2.  In the column "Lead log" there is a button that brings out the log for the lead. Click it!
  3.  In Lead log window there are all actions, that happened to the lead. Click on one of action where the call was recorded

     4.   Click on icon to play call recording
     5.   Click on download link to download call recording.

Further to the above, you can access full and partial recordings from the Call Search menu. It’s actually pretty obvious once you have located the call you were searching for.

  •     Go to Call Search and find the call you are looking for
  •     On the right end of the call you found there are some icons that, when clicked, allow you to Download or listen to both the full- and the partial recording from the call


NOTE: Recorded calls are available for a limited period: Calls with the system status: "Success" are saved for 3 months, all other calls for 1 month. Please talk to your contact person from HeroBase if you want to buy extented storing time for your recorded calls.

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