Time Usage

Time Usage

Under Insights, you’ll find the Time Usage page. This page presents an overview of what the users have spent their time on. The time bars represent all the time a user has been logged on to the system in the selected time period (maximum 30 days selectable). You can limit the view to a time period but also on certain organisational units by clicking the top bar and selecting the unit you are interested in. Once you have configured the desired view, you can export the results to a CSV-file for further actions.
There are 2 main buttons above the bars. These buttons allow you to sort on “Contact page time”or “Non contact page time”. The bars are divided into the various activities and you’ll find that the activities are color coded for easy understanding.
You can also select what you want to see on the bars by activating the different views:
- Decompose pause divides the pause bar into the different pause types that you have created for the users
- Percentage view toggles between calculating the bars length by actual time and percentage of the time logged on
- Show other actions toggles displaying administrative work not directly connected to dialing (Campaign design, My Redials, Create lead, Reports, News etc.)
- Use activity based method is a function that toggles between to different methods of calculation. The activity based method uses the activities of the user for measuring. It breaks the time logged on into 4 minute bits. If the user performs some activity inside Hero Outbound with such a bit, 4 minutes are added to the user's time bar. This is beneficial for example, when a user has duties that have nothing to do with Hero Outbound. There is a chance that the user forgets to log out from the system during these other duties but with the activity based method, this time is removed from the calculation.
On the other hand there are users who work continuously in Hero from the first logon until they leave the office. They don't log out from Hero Outbound during this period. When calculating the time usage for these users, it makes more sense to use the full working day without taking the actual activities in to account. You'll clearly see the difference when you deactivate the Activity based method.


Time Usage vs. Call – Total time on Contact page-report

Although the two functions measure the same data, Time usage allows you to present some additional data. In the example below I have logged on to the Contact page and made one call with a user named Anders Jensen. The whole process took only about 28 seconds. After this Anders used 3.38 minutes over a time period of 6 minutes to do other actions in Hero Outbound (checking news articles, checking the redials and suchlike).
The report column “Call - Total time spend on the contact page” will show the 28 seconds spent in the dialing activities Conversation, Preview, Dialing and Wrapup.

If you deselect the option “Show Other Actions” the Time Usage will show the very same total time for Anders:

As an additional feature, you can now activate the “Show Other Actions” option. This will reveal a gray portion of the time bar that represents the time Anders spent on the other activities in Hero Outbound. Note that the time is exactly the time of the activities: 3.38.

Since the actions outside the Contact Page took place in bits spread over a 6 minute period, the exact time of 3.38 poorly represents how much time of the working day these activities actually took. Therefore, you can now activate the option “Use Activity Based Method”. This will show that Anders performed activities in 2 time slots of each 4 minutes = 8 minutes:


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