Define organizational roles

How to define organizational roles
Users' roles can be customized by granting different level of functional rights. Overall, you have three user roles defined by different amount of functional rights:

Example: Organizational structure with different user and administrator roles:

  Top administrators (green "shirt"): Users added directly under the Company main unit.
Standard functional rights: 

- All (mandatory - users added directly under your main corporate will automatically have all rights)
  Team managers (green "shirt"): Users with extended data rights administrating an organizational unit

Recommended minimum functional rights:
  •  Extended data rights
  •  Leads 
  •  All Leads
  •  Reports
  •  Contact
  •  Allow Private Redials
  •  Allow Common Redials

  Users (blue "shirt") - Users added under organizational units. 
Recommended minimum functional rights:
  •  Contact (dialing)
  •  Allow Private Redials
  •  Allow Common Redials
  •  My redials
  •  My leads 

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