Job scheduling

Periodic reports and lead views very often contain the very same columns and only the time period changes. In order to save a number of clicks every time you need this report, we have created a “Jon scheduler”. This allows you to set up automated e-mails with attached files containing your desired reports or lead views. A classic example is the Friday evening sales report where you want to send the order for this week to your customer.
You create the jobs under Administration/Job scheduling where you will find your current jobs and also create new jobs:

To create a new scheduled job, simply click the “+” on the top of the left column titled “Job scheduling”. This will open up the area for configuring the job:

Start by giving you new job a unique name so that it can be identified easily in the future
Then select the schedule in the DropDown menu:

Select what type of job you are running (Lead view or Report) (shared or the ones you have created):

Select exactly which Lead view or report you want to schedule:

Select your export settings. If you select CSV or TXT, you will need to select what separator and “text qualifier” you would like in the file. You will also need to select what type of file encoding you would like on the output CSV- og TXT-file. Furthermore, you can select to protect your output files with password. If you select your output file to be formatted for Excel (XLSX) you only have the option to add a password as none of the other options are relevant in this case:

Finally you need to configure the E-mail settings:

Now, click save and your job is set up!

Other users’ jobs

As a whole lot of confusion can arise from creating duplicate jobs, you can see what jobs other users already have created. This way you can make sure that you are not creating a duplicate job. Furthermore, you will see who created the pre-existing job. This way you can approach that person and ask for adaptations if needed. Please note that you cannot edit jobs created by other users.

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