Enter/edit phone number to dial from

How to enter/edit the phone number to dial from (Agent Line)
(Not in use when "Hero Phone" is selected as Agent Line)

When you start dialing, the system will start the dialing session by establishing a phone call connection to the number inserted into this field. This number should go to a phone that can be answered by the agent. In Hero Outbound, we call this connection the "Agent line". Answer the call (pick up or press answer-button on your headset) and keep the line open during the dialing session. The Hero telephony servers will now call leads and, as soon as a lead have answered the phone, a connection between the lead and the Agent Line will be established automatically.

1. Enter the phone number of the phone that you will be dialing from into field 1 on the Campaign selection page:
Example: User entered number 70202304 as Agent line:

Note: If the connection fails, please try entering the number with country code (international format without leading zeroes in area code, where applicable).

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