Create campaign template

How to create a campaign template

  1. Go to Campaigns > Campaign Templates > Click on "+ Create campaign template"-button.
  2.  Enter a unique name for the campaign template. 
  3.  Select one of three ways to build your template:
    • From scratch: Base campaign template on "Existing Campaign Template" and select "Blank" and click "Next"
    •  Base on an existing template: Select Existing Campaign Template from the picklist. In section 2.a, Select the template you want to use as the base for your new Campaign Template and click "Next"
    • Base on uploaded Excel CSV file: Select "Upload file" in the pick list and go to 2b to browse for the file on your computer. File headers in the file will automatically be inserted as data fields in your new campaign template. Click "Next".

You should now be brought to page 1 of the Campaign Template editor. For further info about campaign templates, please read the articles Campaign Templates Explained, Edit Campaign Templates

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