Lead Pools - Overview

Lead Pools are essentially a representation of the Lead files that you have uploaded over time. This also includes leads that have been uploaded through the API and leads created manually in Hero Outbound. Each Lead file uploaded is a lead pool. Leads created manually around the same time by the same user are also put into a single lead pool and each time leads are entered through the API, they are gathered in one Lead pool. 

Managing Lead Pools

Under Campaigns, you will find the menu item “Lead Pools”. Clicking this will open the page where you work directly with Lead pools: In the green bar on top of the page, you will find some filtering functions and an options button

  • Campaigns: This allows you to filter out Lead pools uploaded to one or several campaigns
  • Active, Inactive: Shows/hides active and inactive Lead pools
  • Search:
  • Options: Currently there is only one option: Upload lead pool. Selecting this option will take you to the Upload Lead Pool-page

At the bottom of the page, there are a row of 5 buttons

  • Deactivate: This makes the Lead pool inactive. Leads, with status VIP- and Private redial will still be called when the Dial time arrives even if the Lead pool is deactivated.
  • Activate: Activate inactive lead pools
  • Confirm: When you have uploaded a list of leads where there are column heads that do not match any field in the Campaign Template, the leads will not be uploaded until you have confirmed the Lead Pool. When you confirm, the leads will be uploaded without the column that didn’t match
  • Shuffle: Leads are called in the order they were sorted in the upload file. This action randomises the times when the leads in this pool will be called. More information about this function can be found here: https://support.herobase.com/article/125-shuffle-lead-pools
  • Delete: Deletes all unprocessed leads in the selected Lead Pool. Note that leads that have ever been shown on the Contact page. Also note that "Master leads" cannot be deleted as long as the clones of the leads are still in the system.

Edit and Details

On the far right of each Lead pool row you will see a cog wheel button. Clicking it will open a dropdown menu with 2 options:

  • Edit: This option opens op a window where you can do the following settings:
    • Name: Simply change the name of the Lead Pool
    • Description: Allows you to add a field gives some more detailed information about the Lead Pool
    • Active Dates: Allows you to set a date span in which the Lead Pool is active. Note: Leads with status VIP- and Private Redial will be called even when the Lead Pool is inactive.
  • Details: This option will open up a new window that shows information and some statistics from the Lead Pool in great detail.
    • Lead Pool ID:This ID is used by the system to identify the Lead Pool. We may ask for this ID when you call the support about some Lead Pool-related question
    • Campaign Name: This tells you in which campaign this Lead Pool was uploaded
    • Campaign Code: The code that is used for API requests
    • Campaign ID: This is the ID of the Campaign that the Lead Pool was uploaded to
    • Project: This tells you to which Project the Campaign (and thereby also the Lead Pool) belongs)
    • Description: Description field for this Lead Pool
    • Valid Leads: Tells you how many valid leads the Lead Pool contains
    • Invalid Leads in Upload: Tells you how many Leads that were not uploaded because they didn’t match the criteria set by the Upload rules for this campaign
    • Priority: Tells you the priority the Leads in this Lead Pool were set to on upload
    • Duplicate check: Tells you what settings were used for checking duplicates on upload
    • Duplicate processing: Tells you what the system should do when duplicates were found on upload
    • Last modified: Tells you when this Lead Pool was last modified (not the Leads in the pool)
    • Download invalid leads: Allows you to download a text file that holds the invalid leads and the reason why they were found to be invalid
    • Download Duplicates: Allows you to download a text file with the leads that were identified as duplicates according to the settings for Duplicate check on upload
    • Download original file: If you used a file for uploading the leads (not API- or manually created leads), you can download a copy of the original file
    • Download log as text file: Allows you to download a log of the events from the upload of this Lead Pool (when all went well, this file is blank)
    • Active period: If you have set a date period when this Lead Pool is active for calling, this value will represent those settings.
    • Export Lead Pool statistics: Below this point, you will see some basic statistics about the Leads in this Lead Pool. Clicking the Download-button here will export the statistics to a .csv-file

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