Campaign settings – Text message template

Text message template allows you to configure a template that will be used when the agent wants to send an SMS to the lead from the Contact page.

There are 2 fields that you need to configure:

SMS sender

What you enter here will be seen by the lead in the field “Sender” when they receive the message on their mobile device. Note that you can use a maximum of 11 characters. Also note that you are allowed to use not only numbers but also letters and some other characters. More specifically, you can use the following characters:

  •         0-9
  •         a-z
  •         A-Z
  •         +
  •         _
  •         -
  •         .
  •         ‘space’

Below is an example:

SMS Template

Here is where you enter the actual message to the lead.
Note that you can merge fields from the campaign template that the campaign is based on.
For example
”Hi, {Lead:FirstName}!”

To merge fields from the campaign, simply click the Dropdown menu below the message and select it and the field will automatically be merged where you have placed the cursor.

Below is an example of a message that will confirm an appointment booking:

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