Campaign Permissions

As an admin, you want to manage who has access to what campaigns and the Lead Pools that are in them. 

Please note that removing permissions to campaigns doesn’t necessarily stop Private redials from appearing them. There is a setting in the Administration settings that allows you, as an admin, to control this behaviour. More on that topic here in the section “Campaign permissions and Private redials”

There are 3 ways to work with Campaign Permissions:


In Organisation, you can add/remove permissions for Teams and Users


When you change the Campaign permissions for a team, you are telling the system what campaign permissions users get when they are created in the team. It doesn’t change the permissions that have been added to users who are already in the team when the change occurs


Click a user and then scroll down to the link named “Edit Campaign permissions” and then click that link. 

You will now see a list of all active campaigns and tick-boxes on the campaigns that the selected user has access to already. In the top of the page there is a dropdown menu where you can switch so that you also can edit the permissions for inactive campaigns.

Campaign Overview

For everyday changes to Campaign Permissions, it is probably best practise to use the method found in the Campaign Overview.
Go to the page Campaigns/Campaign Overview and select the campaign you want to change permissions to. Now click the tab “Permissions” and you’ll see the part of the organisation tree that you have access to. Here you can tick the boxes for the users you want to give access to the selected campaign (and, of course, remove ticks for the ones who should not have access). Remember to click “Save”

Campaign settings – Permissions

When you are creating a new campaign, you can set the permissions immediately.
When you are on the Edit Campaign page, click the menu item “Permissions” to open the settings.
Like in the Campaign Overview view, you will now see the part of the organisation tree that you have access to. Tick the box for the users who should have access to this campaign and untick the ones who should not. Remember to click “Save”.

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