Conditional value in a field

In some cases, you may want to give a field a value depending on the entries in a different field. For example, if you are working with a campaign where you get one commission for a “Success” and a different commission for a “Not interested”. You could solve this by having 2 commission fields but that could end up as a mess when you export lead views to your customer. Below you will find a description of how to have one field that gives you different values depending on what you enter in a different field.

In my example, I have a customer where they get 200 DKK in commission for leads closed as “Success” and 50 DKK for leads closed with “Not interested”.

The first thing I’ll do is to check the values of the alternatives I have in my Main Outcome picklist.

This is the value I will check in my Commission field

Next step is to create the formula that checks the value of the Main Outcome. I’ve created a field named “TurnOver” and set it to data type “Commission” and then I have changed the Composition options to be “Formula” instead of “Entry”.

The formula will check if the field “Resultat” has he value “Yes please” and return “1” if true and “0” in false. I will then multiply the returned value with 200 for “Yes please” and 50 for “No thanks”.
So in clear English the formula will do the following:
If the field “Resultat” is equal to “Yes please”, then multiply 1 by 200 OR if the field “Resultat” is equal to No thanks, then multiply 1 by 50. Else, do nothing.

The format of the formula will be:
(('{Name of the main outcome field goes here}'='First value goes here')*200)+(('{ Name of the main outcome field goes here}'=' Second value goes here')*50)

So, my formula will be:
(('{Resultat}'='Yes please')*200)+(('{Resultat}'='No thanks')*50)

In the Campaign template it will look like this:

You can, of course continue to add the other Main outcome options using the same logic, if necessary.

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