Private- and VIP redial logic

Private redials are different from Common redials as the lead is assigned a Lead Owner when they are set. This ownership is maintained until the Private redial is released for some reason. Furthermore, Private redials can be dialled across campaigns so that, even it you are calling on one campaign, Private redials from a different campaign can be pushed through and called when their scheduled dial-time is due.

Setting a private redial

When you have the lead on the line, you simply tick the box “Private” and set a time in the dialling panel on the contact page. There are multiple time settings that you can use to make sure the scheduled redial fits the preferences of the lead.When the redial time has been set simply click “Redial & next” to schedule the Private redial and proceed to the next lead. Once the Private redial is set, it can only be changed in Lead Admin or through operations via the API (Hero Flows, for example).

Releasing Private redials

In some campaigns it is important to make sure that the redial is placed on-time (or very close to the time agreed with the lead). In other Campaigns it is more important that the lead gets to speak with the same agent again. To accommodate this difference there are some settings in the Campaign settings that deal specifically with this part. You will find these settings under Campaign settings/Dialer settings (full article about topic can be found here.

When a Private redial is released, the status will still be Private redial but the ownership will be changed to the original lead owner (the one you set when you uploaded the lead). This way, any member of the team can get this redial and follow up where the previous agent left off. In the example below, I have set the Private redials to be released to the rest of the organisation after 3,5 hours:

Campaign permissions and Private redials

As an admin of Hero Outbound, you also need to consider how to deal with Private redials when agents no longer have permission to access the campaign. In Administration/Settings, you will find a setting labelled “Redial Restrictions”. When you check this box, the agents will only get private redials from campaigns that they have permission to access. Leaving it unchecked, means that the agents will still get their Private redials from campaigns where the administrator have removed their permission to access. Please note that this setting also covers VIP-redials!

Private redials in Inactive campaigns

When you decide to deactivate a campaign, you need to consider if the Private redials in this campaign should be called or not.

  • If you want the agents to call the Private redials regardless if the campaign is active or not, you should simply keep the campaign permission for the agents on the campaign and tell the agent to tick the box “Call leads with Hero status "Private redial" across campaigns.” On the campaign selection page.

  • If, on the other hand, you do NOT want the agents to call Private redials from inactive campaigns, you need to remove the Campaign permissions to the deactivated campaign from the agents.

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