Campaign settings - Call recording

Record calls per campaign for ALL users calling leads in the campaign 

When you set a campaign to record calls it applies to all users working on the campaign.
Go to the campaign overview, choose the relevant campaign and click "edit".

Click the menu "Call recording"

  • Here you can choose if you want to record the entire interview or Agent only
  • Then you need to decide how long you want the recording stored


  • Activating call recording for a campaign will overrule call recording settings on user level. Users who have call recording un-checked on organisation level will be recorded when they dial leads on a campaign with call recording activated.
  • When recording Agent Only, please be aware that in some headsets the lead audio can "bleed over" to the agent audio stream. The result is a recording where the agents voice is heard loud and clear and the lead's voice is heard faintly. This phenomenon occurs in the headset of the agent where the channel separation is compromised by acoustic transfer of the sound from the speaker part of the headset to the microphone. Using a headset where the channel separation is good, or separate devices for speaker and microphone, will eliminate this phenomenon.

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