Life Cycle Statuses

Life Cycle Statuses

Keeping track of leads, in the long run, is not an easy task without the help of external CRM-systems and such like. In Hero Outbound there is a way to keep an eye on the life cycle and also make integration to external systems (like Hero Flows) much easier.


Quite often you want to have the “user processed date” set but keep the lead open for further actions. This could, for example, be in cases where the agent has made an agreement with the lead and just need to follow up a week later.

This is done via a Trigger action, that is activated with an Outcome (or Outcome detail), and sets the lead status to “Follow-up redial”. Similar to the cloning action in Triggers you can control Lead priority, Lead ownership and Redial type with this action.

Awaiting external events

You can also activate a Trigger action that sets the status of the lead to “Awaiting external events”. This is highly useful when you are integrating into external systems like Hero Flows. The External system can use this status to filter out exactly the leads that should be processed and, when the processing is completed, send them back into Hero Outbound with the changes added by the external system (and perhaps a redial time).


The 2 statuses can also be used to draw some really useful statistic reports when used in combination with Outcome Details. You will be able to draw a report like “How many percent of all “Follow-ups” became a Success in the follow-up call”

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