Restrict redials to accessible campaigns

In Administration/Settings, there is a setting called “Lead selection for dialing”. Here you can set the option “Restrict private redials to accessible campaigns (includes VIP redials)”

This option can be set for the whole organisation by selecting “Corporate” or for each sub team separately By selecting “Organisation”.

When this option is NOT set, the agents will get their Private redials and VIP redials even after their access to the campaign (where the redial came from) has been revoked. For the private redials, this is also subject to the setting “Call leads with Hero status "Private redial" across campaigns.” On the Campaign selection page. VIP-redials, on the other hand, will get through regardless of this setting.

If you decide to restrict the redials to accessible campaigns, Private redials will expire according to the settings you have made in the Campaign settings:

Important: VIP-redials will still be tied to the agent but will not be brought to screen when you have the restriction activated.

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