Closed status definition

You will meet different closed status during your navigation in Hero Outbound. This article will cover the basic closed causes. Be aware that there may be more, depending on what types of Resolved statuses you have created in your Campaign templates.

Resolved statuses, these may differ depending on your setup:

Success – When the agent closes with a sale or any type of “success” depending on the campaign
Not Interested – When a customer is not interested in your product
Invalid – This is optional, often used when a lead and its phone number is not valid/correct
Unqualified – This is optional, often used in campaigns where a lead must fulfil a requirement to be a qualifiable lead, an example: You have a campaign where a car dealer is trying to sell spare parts, then a hairdresser would be unqualified lead.

Invalid and unqualifiable can be used for different purposes, it is your choice.

The following statuses depend on what is set up in a campaign or actions made outside the contact page:

Max. call attempts – This status means that the lead has been called the Max attempts to set on the campaign. Se more here in step 4.
Abandoned – When a lead has not gotten a proper status from the contact page, it will be locked to the user who called it in status “Unresolved”. This is done for the user is quickly able to get the lead and give it status (e.g. call back). When a lead had been Unresolved for a week it will be Abandoned.
Invalid Phone number – Lead has an invalid phone number
Expired – Administrator can on each campaign set an expiration date on leads. See more here in step 6.
Removed – This lead has been actively removed by an administrator with use of Remove leads. About how to remove leads here.

The following statuses are given when a lead has been removed or blocked in outbound:

Anonymized – When a lead has asked to be deleted/forgotten in the system this the closed results you will see.
In do not call list – When you add a number in your Blocked list, this is the closed status the lead will get.
In global do not call list – In rare and extreme cases, where we need to Globally block a phone number from HeroBase, the lead will get this status.

Read more about Lead privacy

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