Campaign settings - Upload settings

In order to call leads with Hero Outbound, you need to upload some leads, of course. On the most basic level, you simply grab your Excel sheet, make sure the headers fit with the import names of the fields in the Campaign template and upload them. Quite often, though, there are some further conditions that you need to take into consideration. This could be: What of there are duplicates in the file? How do I assign the leads to a certain agent? So I find duplicates in the open leads but, what about the closed leads? And so on…

This article explains the detailed settings of the leads upload process and how it affects the daily administration of Hero Outbound.

To get started, find the Campaign settings for the Campaign you want to work with by typing the name of the Campaign in the global search bar on the top of the page and click it in the search results. You should now be on the page “Edit Campaign”.
Click the menu item “Upload settings”.

Duplicate check settings

The logic behind the duplicate settings are the same as you are using when you are uploading Lead pools. Have a look at this article for details:  Duplicate check

The Duplicate search key is configured on page 2 of Edit Campaign Template. For detailed information about configuring the Duplicate search key, please read this article:  Campaign Templates explained

Clone options

When you clone leads from this campaign (with a Trigger, for example) you can select if you want the Lead log from the original lead to be cloned along with the lead. Simply check the box “Show original lead log for cloned leads”.

Dial time distribution

In some cases, you want the leads uploaded to be distributed evenly over a period of time. This can be configured with the following settings:
Day count: The length of the time period over which the leads will be distributed
Day offset: How many days from the upload date will the time period start
Time range: Between what times of the day will the leads become ready to call

Please note that these settings are applied to all lead pools uploaded to this campaign unless you override them with settings specifically for a lead pool during upload.

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