Campaign settings - Lead filter

Lead filters are mainly used to filter out certain leads for agents who specialise on those leads. Typically you have a field in the lead data that qualifies the lead for the filter.
This could for example be a geographical area, type of industry or position in the leads organisation. You could say that you create segments of the lead pools in this way.

How to work with Lead Filters

The easiest way to apply a lead filter is simply to enter a term in the text box named Lead filter and then click “Apply filters”. This will add a filter to all selected campaigns so that only leads with the entered term in any of their lead master data fields, will appear.

Although this method is very simple and effective, it does have a few disadvantages. The agent may type the wrong term or misspell the term. Furthermore, the agents need to log out from the Contact page every time they need to change the filter to some other term. There is also a centralised lead filter that is managed by an admin and that pushes changes directly to the agents.

To use the admin method, open the Campaign settings for a Campaign where you want to work with Lead filters. Make sure that you have some agents with permissions to the Campaign. Find the menu item “Lead filter” on the left hand of the Edit Campaign page

Now you will see all active users in your part of the organisation on the right side and a text box beside each user. To add a filter, simply write the term you want to filter out for a given user. In my example, I want my agents to focus on calling leads in their home states in the US and home countries, where it makes sense. So, here is how I would configure some of my Lead filters

Note that you add several filters for the agents by separating the terms with a semicolon.

When you are working with more than one term, you should add terms that are expected to be found in the same Lead data field. For example, using the terms “New York” and “Connecticut” will bring out leads were New York OR Connecticut is found in the lead data. This is very likely exactly what you are looking for. However, combining filter terms from various fields is not a good idea. For example, it may be tempting to make a filter like “New York” and “Female” in the attempt to get the agent to only talk to females from New York.
However, since the logical operator is “or”, this approach will bring New Yorkers (male and female) and females from all over the country for the agent to call.

The agent experience

With the above settings, the agent Amalia Thompson logs on and heads to the Campaign selection page. She will see the applied lead filter on the selected campaign. She will also notice that the option to add a lead filter manually has been replaced with information that there is a “Forced lead filter” applied to this campaign

Leads are now filtered out so that Amalia Thompson will only get leads with the terms “New York”, New Jersey”, “Connecticut” and “Rhode Island” somewhere in their lead master data.

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