Call Transfer

There are three ways of transferring calls in Hero Outbound: Hot, Tepid and Cold Transfer.

  • Hot transfer: In this type of transfer, the agent dials a number and talks to the person who has picked up the call before transferring the caller over to them. This could also be a 3-way conference before the call centre operator drops-off. One common example of a warm transfer is when a receptionist or virtual receptionist takes a call for the business and notifies the party attempting to be reached who the person is and the nature of their call.
  • Tepid transfer: This transfer involves the agent dialing a number and transferring the caller on to the called number without conferencing or speaking to the 3rd party. Tepid transfer usually applies when a transfer is being made to a number where queue management has been implemented in some capacity (multiple lines or hunt groups, IVR, voicemail, callback facility etc)
  • Cold transfer: This transfer is in reality not a transfer, but a pass-on of information for the caller to call a particular number after they hang up the current call. However, in certain instances a cold transfer may be implemented by calling the desired number on behalf of the caller, the original call handler/agent then drops-off without waiting for the called number to be picked up irrespective if the dialed number had queue management implemented or not (see above in point "Tepid transfer").

Cold transfer (aka. Blind transfer) means that you transfer the lead to a different number “blindly” without having any contact with the person to whom you are transferring the lead.
Hot transfer (aka. Conferred transfer) means that you can confer with the person you are transferring to, while the lead is put on hold. You can then either complete the transfer or take the lead back for further actions.

When working with the option to transfer calls in the Campaigns, it is good practice to add a result option like “Transferred” for the Agent to use on transferred leads. This will cover the cases where the lead is transferred and the agent needs to add a status in order to move forward to the next lead.

How to transfer a call

When you are connected to a lead, and you have feature permissions to use transfer, a button will appear in the dial panel of the contact page.

When you click this button, a new set of controls will appear in the top of the screen. These controls allow you to transfer the call, cold or hot. The options in the controls will change according to what is relevant at the given time in the transfer process. Here is a description of the scenario:

Click the Transfer button to bring up the transfer controls

At this stage of the process, you are still in contact with the lead and you will say something like “Please hold while I transfer you to Customer Service”.
You now have 2 options:

  1. The lead says something like “I don’t really have tome at this point, please call me back at a later point in time”. In this case you click the button on the left side and click “Disconnect lead”

    This will hang up the call with the lead and you can set a status and go on to the next lead

  2. Click the button on the right side which will open a sub-menu. In this menu you can either select a transfer number from your phone book or simply dial a number with the built in dial pad (More on the Phone book further down):


When you have selected or dialed a number from the transfer menu, you will have the option to transfer the call cold or hot. These buttons are presented next to the number you are transferring to. In my example below, I’ve selected to transfer the call to Sales Support

The grey button will complete a cold transfer immediately and you can go back to setting a status on the lead.
Clicking the green button will initiate a hot transfer by placing  the lead on hold and dialing the 3 rd party.

When you are connected with the 3 rd party, you will have time to talk to that person. At any point during this call, you can switch between the lead and the 3rd party, putting the parties on hold and taking them back again. This is done by clicking the grey "switch-button" indicated in the picture below.

You transfer the call by simply clicking the transfer button to the right of the switching button.

Phone book

Above I mentioned the Phone book that can be used to quickly select a person or a department to transfer leads to. This phone book is created and maintained by an administrator and requires access to the area Administration/Projects. A Phone book is connected to a project and agents working on campaigns in the project will get the relevant phone book automatically in their transfer options.

To create and maintain the phone book, head over to Administration/Projects. Select a project and scroll down to the section named “Call transfer phone book”.

Click the Add number button and enter a number and a description in the “Edit phone book” menu.

Click Apply and you will see the number in the list.
Now click “Save” to save the Phone book and you are all set to start quick transfers.

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