Multi Factor Authentication

In Hero Outbound there is a setting for each user that enables a 2-factor authentication. The first factor is, of course, the user name and password that you are used to from other applications. The second factor is an SMS that is sent to the phone number configured in the user profile.

You need to be administrator of your team in order to work with this:

  • Go to the Organisation management and click the user you want to add MFA to
  • Scroll down on the page until you find this area:

  • Select SMS as the MFA type
  • Enter the number to which the authentication code should be sent via SMS
  • Save the user settings

The next time the user logs on, after entering the password, he/she will be brought to a page where the sent code should be entered.
Some settings, like Editing display numbers, will only be available if the user is logged on with MFA.

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