Display Phone Numbers

What is “Display number”?

"Display number” is the telephone number that is shown to the leads when you place a call to them. It is also known as Caller ID and A-number. In Hero Outbound, you decide what number to display in 3 different “levels”:

  • Campaign – The same Display number is used for all calls in this campaign
  • Team’s – The number of the organisational unit is used for all calls on this campaign
  • User’s – The number entered on the user profile of the agent is used. This means that each agent will present their own number to the leads they call
  • (None – The number is hidden from the lead)

These settings are found in the Campaign settings under “Dialer settings”.

How do I add a new Display number?

Access to these settings are depending on 2 conditions:

  • You need to have the feature permissions named “Display Phone Numbers” and “Edit display phone numbers”
  • You need to be logged on with the 2-factor authentication (Password + Authentication code over SMS).

Once these conditions are fulfilled, just follow the steps below to add a new number:

  1. In the main menu, click Administration and then “Caller IDs”
  2. You are now on a page where the currently uploaded Display numbers are listed with Number, Description, Project and Status
    1. Phone number is the number that will be displayed. Please make sure that you write it exactly as it should be displayed to the leads and that it has a valid format.
    2. Description allows you to keep better track of what number belongs to what campaign, for example.
    3. Project is the column where you will see what project is related to which phone number. When you select number for your campaign, only numbers related to the same project as the campaign (and those with no project relation) will be available on the Campaign settings. No project means that the number is available to all projects.
    4. Status tells you if the Display number is active or not. When a number is “worn out”, it makes good sense to deactivate it and change the description so that it tells you the date when it was deactivated, for example.
  3. In the top of the page, you will find a button labelled “Options” (“Edit” on older versions). If this button is not present, the 2 conditions above are not fulfilled. Click the Options-button and select either “Add number” or “Upload file” depending on if it is just a single number you wish to add or if you have a list of several numbers.
    1. Add number opens up a Pop-up where you can manually write the number, select project (optional), add a description and set status
    2. Upload file is very useful if you have a number series with several numbers. To use this feature, simply create an Excel-file with all numbers in 1 column, save as .csv and upload it by clicking the button “Upload file”
  4. The newly added numbers should now be in the list but, before they are put to use, you have to formally declare that you have legal permission to use the number(s). There is a check box at the bottom of the Pop-up where this is declared. Once the box is checked, you can click the Save-button and the numbers are ready for use.

Note: When a number is uploaded to the list, it cannot be changed. The purpose of this is to keep a high level of security and you have to declare legal permissions on every number that you enter. If you accidently typed a number incorrectly, simply deactivate it and add the correct number again.

So, I have added a number. Now what?

The numbers on the list are available for use in several places:

  • Dialer settings – Described above
  • User profile – on “Display User phone number” you will have a DropDown menu containing the listed numbers.
  • Team profile – On the Team profile there is a corresponding DropDown menu where you can select a number from the list.

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