Lead log

What is and how do you find the lead log

In the Lead log, you can find all actions made on the lead. Every time a lead comes up on the contact page, it will be logged in the lead log. If a user with the relevant feature permissions has made manual changes, this is logged as well.

You find the lead log in Lead admin as well as Search

How do you read the lead log

The "Headline" for each log shows what type of change, which user and when.
Before you click the "headline" and role down the log you will see something like this:

The first log is the lead upload log.
When you click the first action; here you can see which data was uploaded, the status it has, who is the lead owner, priority, Scheduled dial time etc.
After upload log, there is at least 1 log for each time lead has entered the contact page.

In my example, the lead has been manually created (Lead -> Create lead), and then called right away.

What can you learn from this information:

All actions made on the lead.

You can see what user called the lead, sent e-mail, SMS, and if sent, what was was the content of the e-mail.

Here I have had a 38 seconds conversation with the lead that has been recorded. 

I sent an e-mail as well as an SMS to the lead before closing the lead as a Success.

You can see:

  • What number was called to, and the end cause
  • What status the lead got after the call
  • What is the Scheduled dial time
  • Main result and lead owner

FAQ - answers you can find in lead log:

You are asked to deliver examples top HeroBase support

I cannot her the customer (best with recording from the call)

The connection was disconnected - see the reason by 'Call end cause'

Unusually high amount of calls to a lead (Max call related) - You experience unusual many calls on a lead. When you look the lead up in Lead admin, and you can see that the lead has a call right after each other, you look at the number called. The lead may have more than one number, and therefore so many calls in a row.

What is the content of the e-mail to the lead

Did the agent send e-mail/SMS to the lead

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