Hero error

If you are experiencing that the browser is freezing or the phone connection to Hero Phone is giving errors, it is most likely having problems creating a connection between Hero Phone and the Hero servers.

The cause of this varies:

A. If only one user on a location with many is affected, it is possible that there is another program on the computer "stealing" bandwidth or processor; Windows is trying to download an update, for example
B. If a group of users on a location are affected (but not all users), the problem may be caused by a failing switch or a cable between the router and a local switch
C. If all users on the same location are affected, it could be the router, connection from router or connection towards Hero servers.

What can you do to fix this:

  1. Streaming media is a serious "bandwidth bandit". Make sure that streaming services such as YouTube, Facebook video posts, Spotify and suchlike are turned off and test again.
  2. Restart the computer. This is important to close all processes down that may be running on the computer
  3. Try to connect your computer to the Internet with a mobile "hot-spot" (tethering). If this works, the problem is certainly within the local network
  4. Make sure there are no other programs running at the same time (for test) on the computer
  5. Local antivirus or firewall. As a test, try to deactivate both and try again. For your security, make sure you turn them back on again after the test is made.
  6. Is the computer on cable or WiFi? ALWAYS use cable. Many WiFi connections in the same area interferes greatly.
  7. More than one browser is "fighting"  for rights and configuration - try to uninstall other browsers
  8. Again: Make sure other users on the same network are not streaming video, music etc.

With programs such as https://pingplotter.com we are able to trace the network connection from the local machine towards our server. We will of course provide you with the correct IP-address to trace.

If you still have problems after following these steps, please contact us via mail, with examples or phone.

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