Campaign settings – Campaign Information

When creating or editing a Campaign, there are quite a few settings to consider. The first and most basic is the “Campaign information”.

In this academy article, I am using a fictive customer case where a charity organisation have contacted me to use our services to ask for donations from leads. When you follow the steps below (and in the related articles), you will learn how the Campaign settings work and you will end up with a fully configured campaign, ready to bring the successes J

Step 1
Start by creating a new campaign from the Campaign Overview and this button

Step 2
Now you should be on the page where you make the most basic settings on the Campaign. 
Note that there is a help text beside most of the items on this page.
Start by adding a unique name to the Campaign and selecting what project the Campaign should belong to (read more about Projects here).

Step 3
Scroll down to next section, titled “Campaign template”. Here you select which Campaign template that should be used for this campaign and, if applicable, which “Campaign Template View" you want to use for this particular campaign. 

In my example, I already have a suitable Campaign template and I have created a Campaign Template View that hides the fields that are not relevant to this campaign. This is what my settings look like

Step 4
You need to tell the system what country you are going to call to in this Campaign. This allows the system to apply the relevant rules for cleaning phone numbers from dashes and slashes, for example. You can also call to other countries in the same campaign by simply using country code for a different country in the lead phone number. The system will simply assume that you are calling to the selected country if there is no country code in the number to dial.

Adding a country is mandatory and, in this step, you can also add a standard phone number to use for call transfers. Of course, the agent can always change this number to something else and make a direct transfer from the Contact page.
In my example, I am calling primarily Danish leads and I have added a default call transfer number

Step 5
The last section on this screen is named API & Web services. Here you are asked to provide a Campaign code. This is a code that will identify the Campaign if you want to access it from through an external system. For example, you can have a campaign running on internet where visitors on the page can click to show their interest in your campaign. By clicking on a link, their contact information can be added directly to a Hero Campaign by the use of this Campaign Code. The code can be almost anything as long as it is unique in your corporate.
In my example, I’ve given the Campaign the code “ST1Charity”

That's it!
Your now done with this part.
Next step is the Dialer Settings.

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