E-mail templates

Email Templates

Although Hero Outbound is a dialling system, you are able to send an e-mail to your leads via the system. This can be relevant when you are booking a meeting or would like to send a confirmation to your leads.

All you have to do is create an e-mail template and then choose the template in the relevant campaign.

Creating the template

First, on the main menu, click Campaign then E-mail Templates.

Click "+" for creating a new template

Name your template and make a description (optional)

Now, follow the steps in the image:

When you are done, press the E-mail tap.

This is where you write your message. You can either type directly in the editor or use HTML, more on that further down in the article.

When you have your text ready you can insert images.

Be aware that the images need to be uploaded online, you cannot search for an image located on your computer and insert to your e-mail. If you do, the recipients will only see a broken image. The reason for this is that the recipient does not have access to the image file on your computer, and our editor is not created to attach the image to the mail from your computer.

Now, if you want to merge lead information in your e-mail, you can both merge result data and master data:

This can is how your e-mail can look when it is done:

Use HTML e-mail template

If you want to have more control over how the e-mail looks for the recipient or general look and feel of the e-mail you can use HTML. Then what you do is click on View HTML:

Then you paste your HTML code in the editor and then click Update

You can also merge data into HTML templates, the same as you would without using HTML

Use your e-mail in a campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Campaign Overview then find the relevant campaign
  3. Click edit
  4. In Edit Campaign view, click the menu E-mail Template(s)
  5. Here find your template and then press Save in the right corner

Now your campaign is ready to send e-mails

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