Remove leads

Following this guide, you can remove leads from you projects or campaigns.

Before you start, you need to have ready a .CSV-file with the relevant lead data to map to the leads than needs to be removed.
ATT! Hero Outbound maps with the field set as Duplicate search key
If you are not sure which field that is, you can open you campaign template, go to page 2, step 2. There you can se which field has check mark by “Duplicate search key”
If this is the field you have on you remove list, then you are ready.
  1. Press Campaigns and then Remove Leads
  2. Choose if you want to remove the leads in Project or Campaign (not both) 
  3. Choose you file, when you have done so, you will see the file name next to the button.
  4. Press Upload
When this is done, the only change you will see is that the name of you file is gone. 
You can now press the Show/hide history button and then Refresh
Here you can see whether your leads were removed.

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