When you contact our support line due to some issue with Hero Outbound, we will often ask you to “open the console” and provide us with the information found there. What does this mean and how is it done?

The console is a hidden place in your browser where lots of information about errors can be found. In the hands of a developer, it is absolutely crucial to understanding the problem and, eventually, solving it.

Below is a step by step guide that describes how you bring the necessary information to us:

  • Go to the page in Hero Outbound where you experience the problem
  • Hit F12 on your keyboard (Shift+Apple+I if you are on a Mac)
  • A portion of your screen will now be occupied by a window with really technical information. This is the information we want. Make sure you are on the tab “Console” like in the picture below (it may look slightly different in other browsers):

  • In order to get this information over to us, simply right-click in the area where the details are and select “Save as…”

  • Save it anywhere on your computer and then send the file to with a description of how you experience the issue.


If this problem occurred in connection with a lead, report, campaign template, Lead view or lead pool for example, please make sure that you send us an example that triggers the problem!

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