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The Predictive dialer is basically, a tool that calls more leads than you have free agents. This may sound strange but there are some very good reasons. The Predictive dialer strives to make the waiting time between calls as short as possible for the agent. To achieve that, we assume that some calls are not answered by the lead and therefore we don’t have to wait for those calls to time out before we dial the next lead.

So – How can the dialer know which calls will go unanswered? The answer is that the dialer doesn’t know this! Instead it keeps track of the historic data and makes an intelligent and well calculated guess about how many calls it should place per vacant agent.

Let’s look at a simple scenario:
You have a lead pool where the historic data tells the dialer that 30% of the calls will go unanswered.
At a given moment, you have 10 agents waiting for a call
The dialer now creates a ”Dialing factor” that is 30% higher than the number of vacant agents and therefore places a call to 13 leads.

But what happens if there are more answered calls than there are vacant agents?
This situation will result in a lead that gets a call where there is no one in the other end. It is commonly called a “blank call”. Such events trigger a series of actions in Hero Outbound:
The dialer immediately lowers the factor a bit to avoid having more blank calls
The lead who got the blank call will be placed on top priority and an agent will be taken out of the predictive dialer queue. The lead will therefore immediately get a new call from the same number.

On the agent screen there is an indication telling the agent that his lead just got a Blank call. This will allow the agent to start the conversation by saying something along the lines of “I don’t know what happened with the phone lines there but I hope you can hear me ok now”.
- No harm done!

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