Campaign Template Views

Campaign Template Views

With Campaign Template Views you can have different fields from the same template displayed on different campaigns. This means that you don't have to create a new Campaign Template just because you need some other fields in a different Campaign. It will save you hours of work in the long run!

Start by going to Campaigns and click on "Campaign Template Views":

If you have not created any Campaign Template Views before, your list will be empty. Click the “+” to create a new one

Now select what Campaign Template you want to create views from and then assign a unique name to your new Campaign Template View:

Now you need to select what fields from the Campaign Template you want to use in this particular Campaign Template View:

After you click save, you are ready to create another Campaign Template View based on the same template if you want to.
In the image below, I’ve created one more as I want to follow up on the Success results of the Spring Campaign later on:

Now I want to put my Campaign Template views into use.
I go to the edit the campaign that I’m using for my Spring Recruitment Campaign and click the Campaign Information. Here I select the Campaign Templateview for the first Campaign:

In my recruitment campaign, I’m using a trigger that clones all leads closed as Success to a Follow-up Campaign with a dial time in 2 months. In this campaign I’m only interested in the fields in my second Campaign Template View so – I simply choose the right Campaign template View on that Campaign.

There - I’m all set to run both Campaigns on the same Campaign Template but with two totally different sets of fields on the Contact Page :-)

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