How to customize e-mail templates

Insert an image into your email

1) Make sure that the image is online - ex. a logo on your home page. You will need the web-address of the image in order to insert it into your email template. Right click on the image select ‘copy image url:

2) In the system: Go to ‘Campaigns’ > Email Templates > Click on the existing template to modify > Click ‘Edit’ or click ‘+’ to create a new one > Click ‘E-mail’ next to the ‘Settings’ tab.

3) Put your mouse/curser in the body text where you want the image. Ex in the signature.

4) Click the “Image” icon in the body text editor > Paste the image web-address you just copied into the ‘Web address’ field. Alternate text is optional. You can write the name of the image here, ex. “Picture”.

5)      Click ‘Insert’. Your Image should now display in your body text.

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