Manage lead pools

  1. Find the pool(s) you want to activate or deactivate in lead pool overview.
  2. Select if you want the view to include only active, only inactive or all lead pools in the pick list in the top right

   3.  Selection automatically changes the view chosen (no need to click search button)
   4.  Click check boxes on the left side of the lead pools you want to manage
   5.  Click "Action" button in the top right
  6.  Select action from pick list 

  • Deactivate: Leads in this pool will not be called or show up in searches for active leads
  • Activate: Inactive leads will again be available to call and will show up in searches for active leads
  • Confirm: If you have tried to upload a lead pool where some of the headers in the file is not present in the Campaign Template, you will be asked to confirm that you want the leads uploaded despite the missing field.
  • Shuffle: Leads are called in the order they were sorted in the upload file. This action randomises the times when the leads in this pool will be called.
  • Delete: Deletes leads in this pool. Please note that "Master leads" cannot be deleted as long as the clones of the leads are still in the system.

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