Import lead pools

The fastest route to upload leads is to use the top search bar:

  • Click into the search bar
  • Write the first letters of the name of the campaign you want to upload leads to
  • Click the campaign that you are looking for
  • You will now be brought to the details of the campaign in the Campaign Overview
  • Click the button labelled "Upload Leads" in the campaign details

Clicking this button will bring you to the “Upload lead pool” page where the campaign is pre-selected. On the right side of this page, you will see the fields in the campaign template for this campaign.
It is strongly recommended that you have a look in the upload file to make sure that the column heads of the file EXACTLY match the fields names of the template! If they don’t match, you can easily copy the field names from the template and paste them as column headers in your Excel sheet.

Once you have made sure that the fields match the columns, go through the steps on the Upload Lead Pool page top to bottom. Note that each entry has a small question mark beside it. If you hover your mouse over these question marks, you will find a very good description of how to use the field.

You can also distribute the dial times of the leads uploaded during a period of time. At the bottom of the page, open “Advanced settings” and  have a look at the settings here. Note that there is question mark for each setting here as well. Hover the mouse over the question mark to read the description.
Please note that the files you use to upload leads is kept in Hero Outbound for 6 months after which they are deleted completely. During the 6 months, you can download the originally uploaded file from the system to your local computer

That’s it!
If you succeeded, you should now be on the Lead Pools page where you can see the leads being uploaded (Click F5 to see the number of leads increase). This will continue in the background and you are free to work with something else in the system in the mean time (unless you enjoy watching a number grow).

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