Hero Phone - ENG

If your corporate has chosen to open the feature “Hero Phone”, you will be able to use the built in phone as Agent line. You’ll see a tick box labelled “Hero Phone” right above the area where you enter your phone number.

The Hero Phone is a kind of “soft phone” that uses your Internet connection to connect the agent and all you need in order for it to work is:

  • A headset connected to your computer
  • An Operative system that supports "WebRTC" (the technology used by Hero Phone)
  • A web browser that supports “WebRTC”

When writing this article the browsers that support WebRTC are:

  • Google Chrome v. 23+
  • Mozilla FireFox v. 22+
  • Opera v. 18+
  • Safari v. 11
  • MS Internet Explorer v. 15+

Please note that HeroBase can provide support for solutions on Windows 10+ and browsers: Google Chorme, Mozilla FireFox and Opera

More information about the network- and hardware requirements for Hero Phone can be found here:

You can also test if your browser supports WebRTC on several test pages on the Internet.
When writing this article the following pages are up and running and ready to test you're connection:
https://test.webrtc.org/ (includes a trouble-shooter).

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