Filtering out duplicate leads after import – and call activity

If someone in your organisation accidentally imported lead pools without the duplicate filter in the system and some of the leads have been called, it can seem a big mess because you need to maintain the private redials made across lead pools - not to mention the leads that are already processed. Don't panic, here is how to fix it:

STEP A: Deactivate Private redials and processed leads

1) Go to Leads > Lead Admin > Create New View

2) In the ‘Campaigns, Lead Pools and Projects’ section select the inflicted lead pools/campaign

3) In the ‘Lead status & results’ section select ‘Private Redials’ (deselect all, then select private redials only) and leave all lead results selected.

4) In the ‘Date and time’ section select ‘No time filter’ in the drop-down list

5) In the bottom of the view select “Active” in the drop-down list, where it says ‘All’

6) Save the view – e.x. under the name “Leads to be maintained”

7) Click the ‘preview’ icon to ensure that the amount of leads is as expected > Then click the ‘Select all’ (white) button > then click the ‘Deactivate’ (white) button.

STEP B: Reimport the lead pool(s)

8)      Go to Campaigns > Lead pool overview > Import leads

9)      Upload the lead pool(s) again, this time utilizing duplicate control with action: Deactivate existing lead

10)   Once thd lead pool is uploaded go to ‘Campaigns’ > Lead pool overview > Click the box left to select the lead pool you just uploaded > Click ‘Actions’ in the upper right corner > Deactivate

STEP C: Reactivate private redials & Processed leads

11)   Go to Leads > Click ‘Edit’ right of the view you just created in STEP A

12)   In the bottom of the view, change the drop-down menu from ‘Active’ to ‘Inactive’

13)   Click ‘preview’ > then click ‘Select all’ (white button) > Click Activate

Now the duplicates – except private redials and processed leads – are taken out.

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